Joan's Boys will be displayed at the Awareness Festival in Los Angelos, from 10 to 20 September.

From 16 to 22 October will Joan's Boys be screened at the International Crime and Punishment Film Festival in Istanbul.

Joan's Boys will be screened at the Annual Arlington International Film Festival in Massachusetts from 15 to 22 october.

Joan's Boys is selected for the Festival de Cine: Infancia y Adolescencia, from 19 to 23 October 2015 in Bogotá.

In september 2015 Joan's Boys will be screened at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA.

Joan's Boys will be screened at the 19th edition of Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival taking place from August 4-9 2015 on several locations in The Ocean State.

Joan's Boys or 'Los chicos de Joan' will be screened at Festival De Los Pajaros Pintados in Madrid in mid April.

Joan's Boys has been selected for a film festival again! This time the documentary will be screened at Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, taking place in and around Washougal, Washington from August 6 to 16.

Joan's Boys won a prize on The International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues, and Zero Discrimination in Indonesia!

Joan's Boys has been selected for the (In)Justice for All Film Festival in Chicago (April 9th to 18th).

Joan's Boys premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.