dré didderiëns studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg: photography with prof. G. van den Heuvel, painting with prof. Th. van Amstel and art with prof. T. van Kimmenade. He received a scholarship for Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork Ireland.
He spent eleven years abroad (Ireland, Germany, Turkey), where he was active in photography, visual arts and song writing.
Back in Holland he made his debut film "Through the streets by train / Trains and rabbits". Since then he produced and directed documentaries, installations and short films. From a social commitment he wants to bring people closer to the sometimes harsh and brutal reality. In his video installations, he uses many different materials and objects. He says he wants to create confusion, so people will be confronted with themselves. He also declares that he is contrary, he is never afraid of the unknown. The refusal to make concessions is his creed. He creates films that are close to his imaginative and emotional world.