Niki is a director, 35 years old and she writes in 3rd person because that's what you're supposed to do in biographies. Her passport says she's 1.58m tall, but she's actually 1.56m (1.54m). She loves weird and not well-adjusted people. And she has no sense of direction whatsoever. Niki is born in Iran and she was 7 when she came to Holland.

Niki mainly tells stories for/about children and young adults. Besides directing, she comes up with and executes new concepts, writes screenplays and does art-work. NINNOC is her documentary debut. In this film she visualizes what goes on in the mind of the protagonist. Niki likes to show the usually invisible world that is hidden behind people's fantasies, thoughts, dreams and fears.

She wants the viewers to be surprised or confused after seeing her stories. And preferably to doubt their own reality.

Niki lives in Amsterdam, studied photography at the New School University in New York, did an orientation year at the Rietveld art Academy and studied communication science at the University of Amsterdam.