Menna Laura Meijer

After finishing her degree in journalism, Meijer made the short film 'Girls' (2003), for which she won the Kids & Docs award for best youth documentary and the Prix Jeunesse in 2004. Her documentary series 'Sexy' (2007), in which teenagers talk about love and sex, was nominated for the Banff Award, the Cinekid Kinderkast Award and received an honorable mention from the Nipkow Foundation. Her first feature-length documentary 'Sweety' (2009), about the murder of a teenager, caused a stir in the Dutch documentary world. In 'Kyteman. Now What?' (2011) Meijer follows young musician Kyteman, in the year between his successful debut album and its much- anticipated follow-up. The film premiered at IDFA 2011 and was nominated for Best Music Documentary. In addition, Menna Laura Meijer has taught at the Kids & Docs workshop and the IDFA Media Fund Workshop. From 2010 to 2012 she was head lecturer in Audiovisual Design at St. Joost Art Academy in Breda. She is also a visiting lecturer at IDFA Summer School, the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, Talent Campus Durban Film Festival and DokYou Cologne. From 2005 to 2011, Meijer was an advisor for the Dutch Media Fund.

Director's Statement

In 2007 I made a documentary series called 'Sexy' about teenagers and their experiences with love and sex. The series aimed at entertaining and informing youngsters on the topic. It aired on Sunday evenings, when I was often at my parents and I remember how uncomfortable it made me feel to watch it with them. My grandfather would often be there as well, but since I assumed his life was devoid of any sexual activity, his presence didn't disturb me. One night however, as he was about to leave, he said: "You'll make the next series for me, right? Don't forget we have desires as well". If I remember correctly, I yelled "yuck" and said I found it too upsetting to even think about. It's five years later now. My grandfather is dead. A news article reports that by 2015 the nation will have three million senior citizens. In 2040 that number will have risen to 4.6. On the radio, an announcer discusses an article in the new 50-Plus Magazine, titled "New Love, New Chances". Suddenly, I remember my grandfather's words and wonder: what does a senior sex and love life look like? Is it together or alone? At home or in a nursing home? With sex or without sex? Are they in love, does lust still exists? Do they watch porn, do they get aroused, have fun? And why is this all so hard to imagine?


69: LOVE SEX SENIOR (docu 90 min, 2013, IDFA Dutch competition, IDFA Doc U competition)

KYTEMAN, NOW WHAT? (docu 90 min, 2011, nomination Play Award, IDFA 2011 Play competition)

SWEETY (docu 90 min, 2008, Hotdocs international competition 2009, IDFA 2008, premieres of the Lowlands)

SEXY (docu 7 x 25 min, 2007, honourable mention Nipkow Schijf 2008, nomination Cinekid Kinderkast 2008)

BOYS (docu 25 min, 2005)

REAL MEN (docu 55 min, 2005, NFF competition short documentary)

GIRLS (docu 25 min, 2003, non fiction jury prize, Dutch Academy Award/Golden Image in category 'youth' 2004, first prize Prix de Jeunesse/non fiction 2004, Mediafund jubilee prize Kids & Docs 2004, nomination Silver Zebra (ASN bank media prize)

BEFORE I DIE (docu 55 min, 2003)

SCHOOLSICK (5 x 25 miniseries , 2002)

SEPARATED (5 x 15 miniseries, 1999)

DAY DREAM (docu 15 min, 1998)

TAGS (docu 25 min, 1998)