69: love sex senior was broadcast on May 26th 2014 at 20.25 by the VPRO on NED2

The world premiere of 69: love sex senior took place at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) on Friday 22 November 2013, where it was nominated for the DOC U award. Continuously the film was screened in a number of Dutch filmtheatres throughout the country.

69: love sex senior is selected for the following festivals:
- HRAFF, Melbourne, Australia (international premier)
- DOXA, Vancouver, Canada
- Parnü, Estonia (one of 6 nominated documentaries Estonia's People Awards / Estonian TV)
- Peace & Love Film Festival, Sweden, winner Best Documentary Award.
- Porn Film Festival Berlin, Germany
- Lens Politica Film & Art Festival, Helsinki, Finland
- Guelph Film Festival Guelph, Canada
- Riff Raff Film Festival Zurich, Switzerland
- PopPorn Festival São Paulo, Brazil